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We Create. You celebrate.

Every wedding tells a story that started from a wishful dream. Bon Evento is here to help those dreams come true and to turn your vision boards into reality.

We work closely with the best venue and channel partners in the country.


Nishi Bajaj

Sky is the limit to imagination but for Nishi it’s the Universe!

Give her an event, and the entire movie will play in her head even before the work has begun!

A creative right brain with an entrepreneurial left one! Nishi is a perfect package in an industry that requires creative organising.

She believes that God is in the details!

So meet her to discuss anything you’d like!


Aditya Bajaj

Dance moves of a rockstar and personality of a tycoon, Aditya can charm his way through any problem in life!

A post graduate of SP Jain, Aditya has an experience in running his own enterprise as well as working with different corporates. His experience in the field of hospitality makes him the perfect partner for an event design brand.

He loves meeting new people

So drop by for a coffee or come tango!

The Small Details

Wedding icons-06.png
Know the Family &

Understanding their personas, dreams, preferences and guests to personalise each event.

Wedding icons-04.png
Ideate &

Showcase the concept, guest detailing, hiring the most trusted vendors from the industry to match the client’s taste

Wedding icons-05.png
Plan &

Planning the smaller details, personalization, budget management, using our creativity to curate bespoke events.

Wedding icons-03.png
With Smiles

Executing the evets with utmost detail, making sure the bride, the groom, their families & all wedding guests have a memorable experience.

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Our Team

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