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Our Story

Since 2016, we have embarked on a remarkable journey of love and partnership, both in our personal lives and in our professional endeavors. As a couple working side by side, we are a team dedicated to helping couples tie the knot.

Some may call it "filmy," but we don’t believe in hearing “beti ki shaadi hai, hum kaise enjoy karenge? itna kaam hai”.

Our goal is to relieve you of any wedding-related stress and allow you to enjoy each event as it unfolds naturally, creating beautiful memories along the way.

Aditya Bajaj


Introducing Aditya Bajaj, a remarkable individual who possesses a captivating personality and exceptional problem-solving abilities and is the ideal partner for any event design brand.

Aditya holds a post-graduate degree from SP Jain and boasts extensive experience in running his own enterprise and collaborating with various corporate entities. His profound knowledge of the hospitality industry makes him an invaluable addition to the Bon_Evento team.

Aditya Bajaj co-founder of Bon Evento

Nishi Bajaj


Allow us to introduce Nishi Bajaj, the driving force behind Bon_Evento. With her limitless imagination and meticulous attention to detail, Nishi possesses the innate ability to transform your event into an extraordinary experience. She firmly believes that beauty lies within the details, and she meticulously attends to every element of your occasion, leaving no aspect overlooked.

With a harmonious blend of a creative right brain and an entrepreneurial left brain, Nishi brings a unique perspective to the event planning industry.

Nishi Bajaj co-founder of Bon Evento

Bon Evento delivers fantastic services with creative ideas and flawless execution, all while working within our budget.

- Shilpa Modi - 

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